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Welcome to homebrewing: an obsession and a way of life! Brewing beer is fun and easy; if you can make mac and cheese from a box without any help, you can make beer, and we’re going to show you how.

Don't worry: we have everything you'll need to start making great beer at home. This section will provide you with all the necessary information for you to brew your first batch of beer from an extract recipe.

Our Grain Bill

Avangard Malz Munich Dark
Avangard Malz Munich Light
Avangard Malz Premium Caramel Medium
Baird Crystal 132 - 165 ASBC
Bairds Brown
Best Malz Melanoidin
Briess Black
Briess Brewers 2 Row
Briess Caramel 120
Briess Caramel 20
Briess Caramel 40
Briess Caramel 60
Briess Caramel 80
Briess Carapils
Briess Cherry Smoked
Briess Chocolate
Briess Mesquite Smoked
Briess Munich 10L
Briess Pale Ale 2 Row
Briess Pilsen
Briess RedWheat
Briess Roasted Barley
Briess Special Roast
Briess TorrifiedWheat
Briess Victory
Briess Vienna
Briess White Wheat
Dingemans Aromatic Kiln
Dingemans Biscuit (MR 50)
Dingemans Cara 20
Dingemans DeBittered Black
Dingemans Special B
Flaked Barley
Flaked Maze
Flaked Oats
Flaked Rice
Flaked Rye
Flaked Wheat
Flaked White Wheat
Gambrinus Honey
GWM Caramel 10
GWM Crystal 15
GWM Crystal 150
GWM Crystal 30
GWM Crystal 40
GWM Crystal 75
GWM Munich
Meussdoerffer Melanoidin
Meussdoerffer Sour
Muntons Amber
Muntons Crystal 60
Muntons Light Chocolate
Muntons Maris Otter
Muntons Roasted Barley
Muntons Roasted Black
Rahr Standar 6 Row
Rahr White Wheat
Rice Hulls
Schill Cologne (Kolsch)
Thos Fawcett Peated
Weyermann Caraamber
Weyermann Caraaroma
Weyermann Carabohemian
Weyermann Carafa Dehusked Type 1
Weyermann Carafa Dehusked Type 2
Weyermann Carafa Dehusked Type 3
Weyermann Carafa Type 1
Weyermann Carafa Type 2
Weyermann Carafa Type 3
Weyermann Carafoam
Weyermann Carahell
Weyermann Caramunich Type 1
Weyermann Caramunich Type 2
Weyermann Caramunich Type 3
Weyermann Carared
Weyermann Dark Wheat

Blackswaen Biscuit
Blackswaen Coffee
Briess Aromatic Munich
Briess Caramel 90
Briess Extra Special
Chateau Biscuit™
Chateau Cara Blond™
Chateau Cara Gold™
Chateau Cara Ruby™
Chateau Monastique
Chateau Special B™
Crisp Amber
Crisp Crystal 60
Crisp Pale Chocolate
Dingemans Cara 45
Muntons Torrefied Wheat
Patagonia Caramel 15
Patagonia Caramel 190
Patagonia Caramel 55
Patagonia Caramel 90
Weyermann® Abbey ®
Weyermann® Acidulated
Weyermann® Beech Smoked
Weyermann® Bohemian Pilsner
Weyermann® CARABELGE®
Weyermann® CARARYE®
Weyermann® CARAWHEAT®
Weyermann® Chocolate Rye
Weyermann® ChocolateWheat
Weyermann® DarkWheat
Weyermann® Melanoidin
Weyermann® Oak SmokedWheat
Weyermann® Pale Rye
Weyermann® PaleWheat
Weyermann® Pilsner

Our Pellet Hops

East Kent Golding
El Dorado
German Brewers Gold
German Hallertau
German Northern Brewer
German Spalt
German Tattnang
Hallertau Mittelfruh (DE)
Hersbrucker (DE)
Motueka (NZ)
Nelson Sauvin (NZ)
Pacific Jade (NZ)
Phoenix (GB)
Sovereign (GB)
UK Fuggle
UK Kent Golding
US Brewer's Gold
US Cascade
US Centennial
US Chinook
US Citra
US Columbus
US Crystal
US Falconers Flight
US Glacier
US Golding
US Liberty
US Magnum
US Mt Hood
US Nugget
US Palisade
US Saaz
US Simcoe
US Sterling
US Warrior
US Willamette
Wakatu (NZ)

Our Yeast Collection


Lallemand Belle Saison Ale
Lallemand Bry-97 West Coast Ale
Lallemand Munich Brewing Yeast
Lallemand Nottingham Ale
Lallemand Windsor Ale Brewing
Safale US-04 Dry Ale Yeast
Safale US-05 Dry Ale Yeast
Safbrew Abbaye
Safbrew S-33 Dry Brewing Yeast
Safbrew T-58 Dry Brewing Yeast
Safbrew WB-06 Dry Wheat Beer Yeast
Saflager S-23 Dry Lager Yeast

White Labs

California Ale
English Ale
Irish Ale
British Ale
Dry English Ale
East Coast Ale
European Ale
Edinburgh Scottish
German/Kolsch Ale
Dusseldorf Alt Ale
East Midlands Ale
Pacific Ale
American Ale Blend
Cream Ale Blend
Super High Gravity
Hefeweizen Ale
American Hefe
Bavarian Weizen Ale
Hefeweizen Ale IV
Belgian Wit Ale
Bastogne Belgian Ale
Abbey Ale
Belgian Strong Ale
Belgian Ale
Belgian Saison Ale
Saison II Ale
Saison Ale Blend
Belgian Golden Ale
Belgian Ale Blend
Belgium Saison III
Berliner Weisse Blend
American Farmhouse Blend
Sake #9
Sweet Mead/Wine
Plisner Lager
Czech Budejovice Lager
San Francisco Lager
Oktoberfest Lager
German Lager
German Bock Lager
Southern German Lager
American Lager
Cry Havoc Lager
Zurich Lager
Mexian Lager


German Ale
American Wheat
London Ale
American Ale
Irish Ale
British Ale
Belgian Ale
West Coast IPA
All-American Ale
Northwest Ale
Belgian Strong Ale
Scottish Ale
London ESB Ale
Pilsen Lager
Bavarian Lager
Bavarian Wheat Blend
German Wheat
Bavarian Wheat
French Saison
Belgian Saison
Trappist High Gravity
Belgian Wheat
Old Ale Blend
Beer Nutrient